R&D Station

P. Chemitech Research and Development Station was established in 2002.  " Nong Ngoo Leuam Research Station“  was named after the sub-district.  It is located in the center of Nakhonpathom province, 75 km. west of Bangkok. The main purpose of the station is for efficacy testing to support the development of new products or new applications.

One of the obligations in the process of development is to carry out field trials on various crops and pests.

Our experienced staff can conduct field trials to support the screening, development and registration of agrochemical pesticide, bio-pesticide, fertilizers, seed and also new method to increase yield.  In recent years, we have had varieties of experiments for efficacy testing and weed screening in close collaboration with expert scientists from government sector. We were trusted by several companies to carry out screening tests. Now we have created a network of field trials with the government and the farmer with the GAP. The Research Station is often used for training our new sale and promotion staff and also support market expansion.

Experimental plot  Click

P. Chemitech Research and Development Station No.4  Nong Ngu Lueam Sub-district, Muang District, Nakhon Pathom 


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